Work smart

Focus on the important things.
Snooze the rest for later!

Long lists of tasks are stressful. You panic. You lose focus. Fear no more!

Swipes lets you snooze the things that don’t require your immediate attention so you can fully focus on the tasks at hand.

Save time

Don’t sweat on complicated functions.
Add. Tap. Swipe.

Rivalling your pen and pad, we give you a simple and easy way to plan your day.

On top you get handy reminders, slick priorities, smart tags and a full overview of what's ahead and what's completed.

Achieve more

Swipe away the urge to procrastinate.
Enjoy getting things done.

Nothing beats the satisfaction when you complete the final task on your to-do list.

Swipes brings you joy of getting things done and loves to cheer you for accomplishing your goals.